Ampeg BA-110
Ampeg BA-110
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blacksnake 04/18/2004

Ampeg BA-110 : blacksnake's user review


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- Amplification: transistor,
- Output power: 30 W into 4 Ohms,
- Passive input: 0dB 800mV RMS
- Active input: 5V-15dB RMS,
- CD Input: 2V RMS
- Line Out,
- Headphone,
- HP: 10 "

As for settings, we have 4 knobs (volume, bass, midrange and treble) and a contour switch. When the switch is in position, it boosts the low and high frequencies, ideal for slap, in the down position, we get a smooth sound, perfect for walking or frettless. The subwoofer amp is closed with an open type "bass reflex".

The amp can be used straight or inclined at 45 ° then type a floor. You can put a small wedge under the cut sides tend to doze off as easily.


Usage is childishly simple. The knobs fulfill their role very well. I did not have the manual that the production end at Ampeg. I use a Cort Artisan B5 freighted.


The sound is stirring this power and used HP. Produced with no vibration at low frequencies. We obtain easily a slamming her for playing the slap contour switch. Connecting live, the sound is very good but taken directly to the Line Out, there are small parasites. I let 9 / 10 because I do not catch live, it loses heat not I digress a little here,).

With Cort B5 whose body is mahogany with a handle screwed, contrary to what some may believe, the mid and high frequencies are present in neutral (low amp) ie 5 / 10 ... etc. For walking, I put the bass treble at 0 and I only use the neck pickup. I keep the switch disabled to help contour the bass and lower midrange.

The overall sound longer applies to classical, jazz and funk, rockers and metalheads directed more towards the Peavey.


It's been three months that I use (bought in January 2004).

In fact, I was looking for an apartment amp too powerful to maintain good relationship with the neighborhood. Before trying this model, I tested a Yorkville 100W, 100W and a Fender Rumble a Laney 60W HardCore, okay this is not the same budget. The Yorkville sounds much better than the Fender, but Laney is a horror, metal grid vibrates around, finishing very poor.

The quality / price of Ampeg is not terrible, you pay the brand but it is in the range of luxury amp in the category low power. The knobs seem pretty fragile and lacks polish, so beware nervous. Its level is the top. Without hesitation I would do this choice. I put 7 / 10 because of the price and knobs.