Ampeg BA-115
Ampeg BA-115

BA-115, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ampeg in the Bassamp series.

Sweetest Taboo 01/16/2004

Ampeg BA-115 : Sweetest Taboo's user review


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XLR direct output interesting use for recordings.
For cons I do not see why a CD from??


A simple amp to use with many opportunities for rglages between five (not four) styles and 3-band equalizer (a 4-band is not luxury).
I use a passive bass and it does not m'empche to have a big well Submitted. A seven-band equalizer coupled as the "boss bass equa", it becomes formidable.


Thanks to DIFFERENT "styles" on offer, I think that any musician can navigate. In my case, I play on style 4 by pushing the 6 trebles, 4 mediums and 7 bass, which gives me a good compromise between the finger and play the slap.
When you put the style in position 1, we obtain a more tufts which should dub the other music of this style. When you are in position 5, the sound is much clearer (and more than trebles mediums)


I use this amp for 2 years and I've never had one little Pb inconveignant: when playing in a group of madmen guitarists pushing their amps (as a lamp than done) donf, BA 115 is the limit but it is all the same road. Designed qu'ampeg damage has not the same amp with double the power. I do not know 220 watts, but all I know is that by incorporating a processor 16 effects (I think) so we can not use that time, I do gives not want to buy it. I remain trs retro regarding the amps to amps when the amplification and pedals, rack ... effects and too bad for objectify ...
Overall, the BA 115 is a good trs amp (ampeg is the same right!)