Ampeg BA-210SP
Ampeg BA-210SP
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moosers 11/22/2010

Ampeg BA-210SP : moosers's user review


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The Ampeg BA210SP is a bass guitar combination amplifier designed for a variety of purposes. The amp is solid state based, and although it's designed for bass guitar, I've also used it with electric guitar as well. The amp has two 10" speakers and boasts a whopping 220 watts of power. It's also got built in DSP effects as well as some amp modeling to go along with it. The front panel has 1/4" connections for both a normal input and a padded, -15 db input, as well as a balanced XLR output for getting a direct signal from the amp. It also has RCA CD inputs for playing along to your favorite music, and other 1/4" jacks for headphones and a foot switch.


It's not all that difficult to use the Ampeg BA210SP, although there are definitely a lot of parameters and a good amount of control to work with here. For starters there is a three band EQ with a level adjustment, an overall volume knob, and a knob for selecting from five different styles, which is essentially different styles of amp modeling. It then has a section for controlling the built in effects, which gives you parameters for choosing between the 16 different types of effects, and for setting the level and 'adjustment,' which varies based on the effect. I haven't seen a manual for the Ampeg BA210SP...


The overall sound of the Ampeg BA210SP is really full and round. It's definitely got the 'Ampeg' sound, which is always a professional one based on my experience with their amps. I don't own this amp but have been jamming with a bass player friend of mine who does, and the amp really sounds great. It can get really loud as well, packing a lot of punch for a medium sized amp. I haven't messed around too much with the built in effects, but it's nice to know that you have the option here as there are really a lot of different effects to choose from, including chorus, reverb, phase, flanger, synth bass, and a ton of other different types of effects to choose from. When I've also used the amp for guitar, it actually sounds quite full and definitely does an okay enough job for practicing purposes.


Overall, the Ampeg BA210SP is a really versatile bass amp that is perfect for players on all levels. It's suitable for recording, live shows, or even just simple practicing. The built in effects aren't going to stop the world, but there's a lot of them and they're definitely nice to have in there. The Ampeg BA210SP is really the perfect bass amp for the intermediate and above bass player...