Ampeg BA-210SP
Ampeg BA-210SP
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MGR/Chipblood 09/24/2007

Ampeg BA-210SP : MGR/Chipblood's user review

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I have played bass for about 12 years and been in several bands. I started with an old Crate 100watt amp and needed to upgrade to something portable and with more potential. I like combos because they transport easily and you can play at moderate levels without disturbing you neighbors. I play music influenced by The Cure, Pixies, Slowdive, etc...Basically shoegaze type music with lots of chorus, reverb, and other effects. I found myself playing higher notes quite regularly and switching to lower notes and was unable to get high-end clarity from my old amp. The Crate had a 12" at 100watts. I thought the 2 10"s with the tweeter would help.

I bought the BA210SP at guitar center after playing a few different amps. And payed somewhere around $700.00USD for it.

I like the fact that this amp comes with handles. I like that it is small. It's very sturdy. That's about it. At first I was very happy with it because my sound was so terrible before that anything would sound better. After a few years I started struggling with this amp.

First, it's super heavy and VERY awkward to carry. It always wants to lean backwards when you pick it up. Second, the digital effects are less than mediocre. They're terrible and just plain unusable. Third, I can't ever find a good mix on this amp. I like an amp I can turn on fiddle with the controls for a bit and that's it. This is not that kind of amp. If I find good low end I have to settle for less high end and just hope the highs make it through. If I find I good high-end my lows are less than what I need. Ahhh!!!

It's a tank!!! Very sturdy and well built.

All in all, if you find yourself using either the low or high end only, this is a fine amp. It's just not what I need...Don't buy this amp for the effects, you'll be disappointed. Great for beginning or just less than moderate bass players. I guess as I got better, my ear did too and now I need something a bit more advanced.

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