Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG
Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG

COBRA 90 BG, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Carlsbro.

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Tonka 08/26/2011

Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG : Tonka's user review

«  An old fellow traveler! »

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Good big transistor amp almost indestructible ... orders with very classic compressor and 6 band graphic eq ... Note: effects loop on the back.


Very easy to use. it's a bass amp, what! And found the sound pretty quickly.


I love the sound too serious but it's still set (it not bleed). It is not in the roll's like that, but it's good sound very honest, and it sends the grave.


I use it for 20 years, it was my first (and my own) real amp. and I can not bring myself to take another one (although I eyeing to Phil Jones)

What I like with him is his weight (but still rather light compared to other bass amps). I plan to put him long handles and wheels ... Or even to cut the "box" to a separate head ...

Otherwise it's solid, construction nickel.