Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG
Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG

COBRA 90 BG, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Carlsbro.

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cheyenne-toulouse 05/18/2006

Carlsbro COBRA 90 BG : cheyenne-toulouse's user review


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Bass amp transistor
interface simple but sufficient: two inputs (low and high gain), bass and treble pots, 6-band equalizer, switch on / off compressor, DI output, gain and volume.
On the back side: switch on / off General, headphone, line out stereo output, insersion loop (in / out) effect.


Extremely easy to use, but requires taking a few minutes at most.


Great sound for such a combo (especially at that price! € 150 secondhand!)
First important point: the 15-inch speaker that delivers impressive bass (compared to poor speakers 12 inches that usually ontrouve amps of this type ... I have even seen amps with 120W 12 ". .. how stupid!)
It can very easily be a very big sound, ideal for rock and metal.
The equalizer also allows the sound to work very easily and offers a large variety of sounds (a sound very metallic sound very round)
Appraisal: a surprisingly powerful amplifier with very good sound.


Bought it a few days ago, but already excited!
at that price, no hesitation, he dethroned all other amps of the same size (excluding lamps amps of course, but there is no longer playing in the same price range!)
Tip: be careful not to over push the input gain, even with a low passive, otherwise it is easily clipped to the compressor.
Too bad this amp is rare on the market ... Today, his successors in Carlsbro are manufactured in Asia and of poor quality, so that the cui, made in england, is quality.