Fender Rumble 15 Combo
Fender Rumble 15 Combo

Rumble 15 Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

TomOuaips 10/27/2008

Fender Rumble 15 Combo : TomOuaips's user review


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It's a Fender amp Rumnle 15-watt transistor. Jack input, cd and PHONES jack.
There are the basic settings: volume, 3-band EQ and bass, middle and treble. basically, you die easy.


Very simple configuration. The EQ is quite effective, but the Fender so no need to touch or almost not to have a perfect sound! The manual is useless totalemet, there is nothing simpler as amp. The buttons are well sympatic with a notch in the middle of the equalizer settings.


This amp suits all styles. I play it with an Ibanez GSR 190 and it's perfect. The amp sound out 'crystaline' except 'high volume' (with the volume turned up what) there is little gain but it does not matter. I have already done a concert and it is clear that inssufisant 15w, even in repeats I can not hear me. that's a shame, but I will buy in the same 100w will be more fun (with small red lights below: D).


I use this amp for 10 months and no complaints. It cash although the effects except the distortion guitar Beringer (a).
It may be too simple-but it does sound great so we forgive him. Compared to the Ibanez 10w amp, 'cest of pure bomb ^ ^. Very good amp for beginners, but quickly becomes inssufisant face a drummer and two scratch. This is an amp to play at home!