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MGR/Golem 09/02/2004

Gallien Krueger 200MB : MGR/Golem's user review

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Hermie's Music in exotic exciting downtown
Schenectady NY USA, $200 used, with cover.

I've been looking for an MB series combo,
preferably a 150, but used MBs are scarce
and a 200 is what I found locally.

I played for about an hour at Hermie's, as
they have a miserable returns policy, and
other than scratchy pots it was great. I
had them clean the pots and I bought it.

It's about 13x15", barely big enough to
hold its 12" speaker and the electronics
section. Weighs about 25lb. Run 100w RMS
and sounds great in a small venue.

For a combo in this power range, there is
nothing not to like. I suppose I could
complain about the clutter of controls for
features I don't need. OTOH, I'm getting
to sort of like chorus and compression ...

Made of aluminum panels and a steel front
grille it seems ready to survive serious
trauma. Has effects loop, DI, extension
speaker jacks, manual control switch for
internal speaker, 4-knob EQ [60,250,1K,4K]
plus seperate input and output volume knob
[gain & master]. Built-in compressor and
chorus, output limiter, contour and high
boost buttons.

Speaker is 12", no horn. Headphone jack
is not interlocked to speaker.

I think it's by far the smallest 12" combo
I've ever seen and that's really what it's
all about. Sounds better than some larger combos, but it's no Ampeg 15. If you play ad hoc friendly get-togethers, the small size and decent power give you a no-fuss
plug-n-play ability for spontaneous jams,
yet you can easily, and reliably, gig it.
To do better than this, you'd have to go
for an Acoustic Image at double the price.

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