Gallien Krueger Backline 110
Gallien Krueger Backline 110

Backline 110, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Gallien Krueger in the Backline series.

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lkmi 04/23/2012

Gallien Krueger Backline 110 : lkmi's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
small but powerful amplifier,

70W / 10 "

manual clear, its different, passive / active, line-out
Acute low gain medium
(See details in other reviews)


I am not a bass but the bass drummer but am interested to learn and I took that GK (jsute before I had taken a Hartke 30 W and I was disappointed Verily sound and especially power)

where happiness, although I'm not even really play the notes I qqs go out on this amp fills me with happiness.

I also sometimes goes to bass players I play with and who in return utiise either amp live (small room) and while skeptical at first they were conquered rapidemnet sound coming out of the GK 110.


style soul, gospel, Caribbean, reggae

I play on an Ibanez SR300 4-string LH (active) and LH Warwick Rockbass Streamer 5 string (passive)> nb: the lower left

I love the fat sound, rich in low frequency "on the ropes SI Warwick", after it is a 10 "should not be too much to ask but I already satistaif.

also slap it with a good setting provides.


I've had a year but I learned the bass,

I see his capicités especially when I have my friends who plays bass on it

I have also used Amp piano scene and return to my battery.

I had the Hartke 30W and is tested or heard any other bass combo, this one does not have to blush, far from it.

quality / price excellent especially as I paid Motie price when Thomann was the end of series.

for my level (beginner bass) utiilsation his (small scene, back bass, piano or drums and learning bass) and sends it to the sound I GUARD without hesitation.

great small combo, thank you GK

regret that do not have one: not having the price 115 GK beginner but I'm still reasonably low, not seeing the utility once that I still have not besides, I mean is that if I like the 110 déjç the 115 would have even more I think.