Hughes & Kettner BassBase 250
Hughes & Kettner BassBase 250

BassBase 250, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the Bassbase series.

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YanLowFreq 01/07/2004

Hughes & Kettner BassBase 250 : YanLowFreq's user review


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That amp will both scne (even outdoors) in the studio.
Prampli lamp and electronic amplifiers.
Gnial connection: between low / high gain, effects loop (with the possibility to mix the loop with its nature (F-Mix, excellent), line out jack, and the icing on the gat: XLR output (either pramp or line -> no need for DI), it has the ball in the studio.
Rglage: gain, bass, semi parametric eq on MID, trebble, however master.Je dplore crack in the knobs, but a small cleaning should fix a.


Perfect setup: this amp PSE prs of 40 kg, making it a chouilla dlicat carry, but the weight gives this amp a perfect fit no matter where we play o: max stability, no vibration body.
Getting a "good" sound is facilitated by the use of Eq paramtrique on the MID. Staining of effort on a large variety trs by turning a button you spend a round "bass" in his scathing "slap".
The 2-boomer prsence 10 'and a tweeter (for treble and harmonic) provides!
Manual: blah, not b'soin.


This amp is versatile. You will find your account for both classical and bass on 6-string bass Noguera! Specially mentioned for bass also. The sound is a natural ... a depth ... to feel the wood!

Personally, on electric bass passive sound I play with the worst possible. Often it is said that my sound is deaf? I replied that it's normal, it's my choice, otherwise I would play the trumpet. But Eq paramtrique allows you to promote this or that frq, versatility I say!
But beware, if you want the Ampeg or Trace Elliot, you buy the Ampeg or Trace Elliot. That amp is versatile agree, but it's not a simulator either, not exaggerate. He has his own sound that we must try. I like.
Sometimes a small wiring j'astuce of death: low on electronic prampli 2 output -> output amplifies on "back end" of the amp, and THROUGH (Fx-Send the pramp) on pramp the light H & K-> I mix the two sounds via knob F-Mix! This wiring is trs long use, and it is your exact top.

It's been 10 years since I played on this amp for any dgt, I have known that the replacement of a small transistor 10 balls ... Yet he has made kilomtres good old H & K! He attacked the infrabass through the mug (I sometimes use an octave, the trs trs trs low frequencies are well rendered by the two HP 10 ', unlike what 'It is tempting to think). In addition it saturates almost no (unless you really want and you push the gain at the bottom of the bottom), and a peak DynaClip automatically if the signal before amplification - is too strong. This being protected speaker cabinets (especially the tweeter) and it does not cre parasites is what I call the cretge discreet.

If I had to change the amp, it would be for the Ampeg or an old Fender Bassman head and Speakers Diamond ... like everyone else ...


I found this amp in 4500 OCCAZ bullets eras, there's 10 years: a case !!!!!! It's the occazion makes the thief, and I have no regrets, but then dutout dutout.

I love this amp because everything is good in it (the connection to the speakers). I also like its solid look and D2R2 of the most beautiful effect on scne. It has not aged him.