Hughes & Kettner BK 200

BK 200, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the BassKick series.

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Daf31 06/17/2008

Hughes & Kettner BK 200 : Daf31's user review


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200W amp transistors.
An active and passive input, DI output (after the EQ and effects), a mono effects loop, a headphone jack and external speaker output.
a fixed four-band EQ (very subtle, effective but not rude)
gain level, the general level, punch switch (circuit simulation tube), switch tweeter.
It lacks a stereo input (eg CD) offset by the quality of the components (it is).


Extremely simple setup, excellent right now with all zeros, it allows many different settings, but requires some time to refine the sound (among other things is why I chose it, I did not want to a combo which is sound in two minutes but no real choices possible)
Full manual, explaining very well the action of various parameters.


Professional percussionist but bassist beginner, before buying I have tried many other combos:
Fender Rumble 30 (great for home), 60 (good) and 100 (too soft), Bassman 100 (very good but more expensive), Laney (yuck), Line 6 (yuk), Orange (not bad but not enough powerful), Ibanez 100W (good), Warwick 60 and 100 (both very good but a little tweeter crachouillant) MarkBass (very good but more expensive), Ashdown Five Fifteen (very good but always the same sound) Fender Rumble 210 (it was the only other option for my taste, fast and well down at the same time).

I play with an improved Mexican jazz bass (bridge badass2) and if I chose BassKick that they match the color, it is true that with a low low end (I have tried store) in the resulting sound is quite serious rocker (a little grainy and almost drive without correction EQ) with Fender but I have no problem to get a sound very round and non-aggressive, with the same time many franchise (probably good nutrition).
Which won the piece are the acute and medium that are simply beautiful, very beautiful, they have the body and a very bright color that I fell in love right away, this is the real personality and a little classy "Gross stripping" at the same time missing all the others.


I use it happily for a month.
Quality / great price considering the quality, maybe he requires a low quality.
There are amps almost half the price but with its monochrome and aggressive, without color or passion!
I recommend it to anyone looking for a construction serious round of serious and / or more manly depending on the settings and beautiful medium-sharp.