Markbass CMD 102P
Markbass CMD 102P

CMD 102P, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the CMD series.

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Tibo1987 12/19/2007

Markbass CMD 102P : Tibo1987's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Transistor amplifier
280 W into 8 Ohms
500 W into 4 Ohms (with a REALLY sends a 2X15 timber)
Connectivity between TRS complte between XLR jack effects loop, tuner out, XLR DI out (Gnial) 2 HP a normal Jack, and Jack / Speakon that accepts two conections.
Gain between Del Rglages with Clip, equalo bass mid bass, mid high, high, two filters markbass (1 that cuts the treble and one that cuts mdium and boost the high and low ex: Slap her)
No deffets.

We have an AIM adjustable effects loop.
We have an AIM rglage on the tweeter. bzz that just a low volume dailleurs.

We love the XLR DI output with the sound that kills. With a you become the best friend of sound engineers concert halls! : D: D
We love the 20 pounds and the real power comes out of two small 10 inches.


Simple configuration, but we can tweak what's good is that, leaving everything flat on adjacent sound crazy. I use it with a Jazzbass Marcus Miller, I cut a little treble to bass and Lampl, a lightweight on low boost and mdium hop sounds.

Better a good bass for this amp, bass crap has made a terrible.

Its not very hot I must admit, but hey I was looking for a very funk and got exactly what I wanted. Note that I never reached my sound to another amp and I tried the Fender, Ampeg, Gallien Kruger, trace elliot, Epiphany, etc ...

I have not tried eden / nemesis so I could not compare. Otherwise this little combo jpense overshadows has many config in the competition. Report Qualit Price was very good although still quite expensive. Try doccaz Toper (aa lair fawn all pretty indestructible as long as it takes a little care)


Funk: Gnial

Rock: All right, can be lacking a bit of vintage and filthy in her (if you like the ampeg sound, go your way)

Dub reggae: Should do well even if I am not too adept.

I prcise again it is the only amp or I could get my sound (which made me buy it)


I would do the purchase, of course! I got a 850 euros OCCAZ in state nickel. I play with from four months. He saw a dozen concerts, many rpeter, never flinched. Nothing to report since no portard that crackles, the carpet is much dust, transport conditions not always top ... etc. Good investment.

20 pound, ultra portable, very powerful, reliable, 200% guaranteed to have the sound RPET, in concert, and at home if one has comprhensifs neighbors.

Excellent price to quality ratio OCCAZ, only nine very good; D
I put 9 because if it had GPS and grill bread would best t:
No adjustable tweeter (VLE but the filter is a bit the same job that attnuation tweeter)
Not adjustable effects loop (but it's rare I must admit)