Markbass CMD 102P
Markbass CMD 102P

CMD 102P, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the CMD series.

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vinie31 05/19/2006

Markbass CMD 102P : vinie31's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bass combo transistor.
280W into 8 ohms (thus with the original cabinet)
450W into 4 ohms (if we add an 8 ohm speaker)
HP 400 watt bass reflex ... Really big infra bass.
HP Output jack and speak it. Sorites XLR ... all it takes.
Very large power.
20 Kg


Setup could not be more simple. Put all knob equalization in neutral and play. The key is to have a good bass for this amp transcribed what comes out of the jack. You can not cheat ... Manual in English even though the amp is Italian.


Perfect for all styles ... Funk for me.
My bass is an Alembic with a very good sound but I also tried it with a Jazz bass ... I WANT A result JAZZ BASS.


What I like most was the sound and weight. 20 kg 280W for real ... I like the look but not the opinion of everyone (my ex guitarist).
The finish is not too bad no more ... a few drips of glue if you look in the vents (but I Motes). Amp handmade in Italy ... Was almost an amp maker
This is not seen in the pictures he has a form of return (cutaway) and it is tilting. Super convenient!
If I have one criticism: the tweeter can be a blast.

For me good value for money power to weight, even if one is expensive ... But the amp has high-end so you have to compare it with the ampeg, SWR, Eden ... This choice I would do without hesitation.