Markbass Combo 121
Markbass Combo 121

Combo 121, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the Combo series.

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Kesan 03/23/2008

Markbass Combo 121 : Kesan's user review


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Transistor amplifier as already mentioned
Sounds that can be "hot" compared to some heads tell lamps! but hey hey let's not exaggerate ... it's a transistor?


The manual is clear with examples of its type settings "all around", "slap", "Hi Fi", "Rock", "Old Distorto", "Jaco bridge pickup" etc ... and I think we have not really need the manual also tellemtn it's good just by plugging!


Great for the slap, it is mainly my game No complaints, the 12 inch is a good compromise for sound rather serious and yet capable of reproducing a frequency range of good acute. is surprising for a 12-inch as the sound can be "heavy" and according to both lens settings.


Used for almost 2 years now. Carted all over the place all day Saturday and a few other times ... RAS, everything I saw at nickel weight, it is better now, but the sound is good ... then I will not change any time soon, will really have a mini tube amp in markbass for me to change! Rather light for 300 watts!
Could I blame him!?
Um, the only thing I do not like is the carpet as a coating! Means when you have a nasty little cat like me, who likes to scratch on it!