Markbass Combo 121
Markbass Combo 121

Combo 121, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the Combo series.

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Zurkrast 03/15/2008

Markbass Combo 121 : Zurkrast's user review


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Markbass Combo 121 model.

Amplification transistor.

450W into 4 ohms, 280 Watts into 8 Ohm


In: Impedance: 500 kOhm-Max Level: 10 VPP
Return: Impedance: 22 Kohm Maximum level 12-PPV
Balanced (XLR): Impedance - 22 ohms, Maximum Level: 24 VPP

Frequency response:

45 Hz - 18 kHz


Low (Low-level + 16dB)
Mid Low (Frequency 400 Hz, level + 16dB)
Hi Mid (800 Hz, 16dB + Level)
High (Hi-Level + 16 dB)
VLE (Vintage Loud Speaker Emulation)

Control signal

Gain (Variable from 0 to 22 db)


Send effect: Parallel - Max Output 10 VPP
Tuner Out: Unbalanced output, V max 2 VPP
Send Mix: Balanced - Max Output 20 VPP

Height: 51.9 cm
Width: 38.3 cm
Depth: 39.8
Note the ability to modify the effects loop on this model. It can be in series or in parallel. Clearly we can mix or not the sound of the preamp markbass with another .. I think such a pure tube preamp ..
Connectors complete and effective hyper .. then 10


Configuration a breeze. Good bass? you plug it plays and it's already amazing! The equalization is super good job, and the filter allows VLE really play much with the deep bass response ... this little 12 'cash even if a serious ... it's always fun to see him in again next to a big Music Industry which is four times its size ... Still, this amp is simply amazing!


Sounds really convincing. Many dynamic sound, a lot of depth .. also careful not to play too close to this amp, you not realize, but it "sends" so despite its small size it easily grabs a headache .. :-) The sound is actually right as announced by Markbass. Small blame to all the same, a little lack of definition in the midrange. Problem I also found on the Mini CMD 121P version. This amp is excellent because it is neutral .. so the way is open for anything that said tube preamp, effects, etc ... but only if you love the sounds bold, it's not for you! except of course with a good pedal, a multi etc..


Low weight, great sound, for rehearsals, performances, studio recordings of short XLR ... but happiness. And if you are a patient of his, you can add a cabinet for 450 Watts and more safe in your sound. Thing I noticed when comparing this model to the current Mini CMD 121P is the small difference in presence and "safe" (justement!) body in the sound. There is a slight advantage on this model. I guess the search for small at all costs is the effect. The volume of the 121 combo from the Mini CMD 121P is a little more important we get more bodies in the sound. Choice I do it again no problem! Really excellent