Nemesis (by Eden) NC40

NC40, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Nemesis (by Eden).

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yevon 06/10/2006

Nemesis (by Eden) NC40 : yevon's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bi-FET amplification while transistor.
200W RMS into NC200
Input: - a jack selector switch and gain Passive / Active (-15dB)
- Mouth effect
Output: - XLR DI sotie
- Output Jack for 6.35 supplmentaire Cab (in SERIES) Adjustable output - ground 2
- Headphone Eq post
HP: HP EDEN 4 10 '- 4 Ohms + 1 Twiter
A semi parametric equalizeur 40 Hz - 10 kHz + 15 dB boost function and cut -15 dB
A 3-Band EQ boost (+15 dB) / cut (-15dB)
1 auto compressor
A magic button "Enhance"

Automatic Compressor dbrayable
Eq Semi-paramtrique dbrayable


Like any amp in this range, it goes through in search of "sweet point" that corresponds to the optimum gain on the send floor of equalization and amplification. This gain is specific each low, or rather each micro low.
Once that Determines (clipping of the diode limiter) the adjustment of "good sound" is done intuitively.
It has a magic button "Enhance" is magical (o the name) that works (I do not know how) but gives very quickly a range of sounds superb.
The manual prcise mthode a simple and effective way to get that "good sound"


Level, it is gnial, it provides even in 4x10 Bass (4 c) of exceptional precision and warmth of the mid and treble and terrifying!
I play a Warwick Streamer bolt-on top for seven months and is ENOOORMMEE! The qualizeur is REALLY Submitted rel and can change sounds, which is not case with other brands ..... In terms of the prsence also nothing to say the 200w is plenty.


Bah ........ What more if the sound is born and shovel possible sound ....
APRS trying diffrent amplifiers: Ampeg B100R, BA115, SWR redhead, Roland DB-115X, Mesa / Boogie Walkabout 15 ....
I would dcerne the best quality price.
If I had to do it again? Without hsiter because the sound and power of this amp is more than enough for my use (small group and concert).