Peavey Basic 112
mattdll 09/06/2005

Peavey Basic 112 : mattdll's user review


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Transistor amplifier in 4ohms 75w dveloppant, the Peavey Basic 112 is a good working tool equipped with everything you need to find a good sound: between active / passive, bright boost, 4-band equalizer, gain of input and volume, effects loop and headphone jack.


It is easily the sound that suits the style of music you want to play, the rglages are effective as long as one is not a race. no need for manual, everything is clear: it is an amp, is a feeling in the RULES!


Well then, that it has the will gte: we found the right sound, there was enthusiasm all week to snap good little improvisation in RPET and we surmotiv to push a little volume knob ... Unfortunately it was then that the amp does not follow, ds that we Exceeds 4 knob in volume, the sound is horrible, it loses its DEFINITIONS, drooling on her face. the amplifier saturates, the bowl 12 "motion across the slightest touch, it seems that if you bring this volume, the amp will explode. but I tell you, no need to go further, it does not dlivrera Dcibel 10 more than it dlivre 5.


IDAL is the amp to work home or apartment in low volume, effects loop is effective and the trs rglages. against by better prvoir a bigger combo or a head and cabinet set for RPET because this level is really not a!! I purchased this combo for 1 year and a half to two esemble a body in Hartke and I'm not mcontent my case, I was tired of being ridiculous BPS! is an exellent choice for the job but not for RPET and even less for the concerts. wise ...