Peavey Basic 112
Remyxc 08/11/2005

Peavey Basic 112 : Remyxc's user review


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Amplifier transistors.
75 Watts into 4 Ohms / 50 Watts into 8 Ohms.
Selection button Active / Passive.
Control input and output gain (Gain & volume).
knob "Bright Boost".
4-band EQ.
Input & output effects loop.
DDT ™ speaker protection circuit.
1 HP 12 "Blue Marvel.
1 input / 2 output jacks.
1 headphone jack.


The manual is clearly unnecessary, unless perhaps he had never seen an amp of his life !!!... It's really easy to use. The config is really soft and simple and yet provides a quick and easy extended range of sounds.


It is an ideal amp for amateur musicians or seeding-pros. It is ideal for a rehearsal room, or small / medium sized scenes, or else the "ball" ... It will against too light for important scenes. It really is an amp "general public" in that it is made to fit all kinds of music, styles ... Large sounds very low for the raegge / drum 'n'bass, etc., slammin sounds of pop / rock, or metallic sounds of slap or metal. The équalo, very efficient, has much to do ...


I use this amp for four, since I started on bass, and I'm delighted! Of course, it will never be worth a ampeg or SWR "Vintage" all lights, but for the price at which one can find this amp is perfect! Unbreakable. Durable. Easy to carry. Effective. You need a good amp without a lot of ways, please !!!....