Peavey Basic 112
MGR/Ben 01/31/2002

Peavey Basic 112 : MGR/Ben's user review

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I purchased this bass amp off of an e-bay auction online. I play bass here at school and I needed an amp small enough to be portable and to practice with, but large enough to cover small gigs. I paid approximately $150 for this amp, which is 5 months old.

I truly love this amp! Peavy is always a respected brand name, and this bass is no exception. Its sound quality is amazing, and it has some nice kick for a 50 watt amplifier. I like how I can carry it around campus easily, practice with it everyday, and still be able to jam loud enough for small, open mike night outings. I can turn this amp all the way up to ten on the volume, and it still plays sweet tones without breaking up. I would rate it much higher than my previous amp, a 60 watt amp by Hartke.

There are a few things i don't like about the amp. I think it would benefit from more effects built into the amp. My previous amp had an effect called "shape" which allowed for a more varied sound.

This unit is very sturdy. It is in a sturdy frame and withstands a good deal of punishment. The handle is well secured and the amp is closed to the elements, so it could withstand a little water here and there.

Overall, this amp is definitely a good buy. For the money, you can get a quality amp that sounds great, it portable, and will last.

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