Peavey TNT 100
Peavey TNT 100

TNT 100, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Peavey in the TNT series.

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MGR/BMSinister 08/22/2002

Peavey TNT 100 : MGR/BMSinister's user review

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I got this from a local music store in 1985 for around $150.

I like it's durability. It survived a trip to Germany when my brother stole it for 7 years. I guess that's it...oh yeah the knobs turn.

I don't like the speaker,the sound, the weight, the eq, the color, the size.....etc.

Good construction. I tried to destroy it by pushing it down a flight of stairs but the bitch keeps going and going....

The amp is close to 20 years old(made in 1983). I am surprised it still works. When I get a stack I'm gonna blast it with a shotgun!

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