Peavey TNT 115 S
Peavey TNT 115 S

TNT 115 S, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Peavey in the TNT series.

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guis 08/26/2005

Peavey TNT 115 S : guis's user review


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Amp, though transistors, puts out 150Watts RMS, between low and high gain, an effects loop and a loop crossover to place supplementary amplifiers. In addition to everything, of course a pre-gain, two knobs of "shelving" are serious, acute one, with a  brightness, a "punch", as they say, gives an incredible sound for rock or metal, a seven-band graphic equalizer (EQ), switchable, without making too much noise, and finally, the chorus, with a knobs of rate and depth. If even a knob to select the frequency on which to apply the crossover (I have not really understood what it was for..). I put a 9 because I would have AIM CONTROL gain for a little overdrive. But hey, we can not have everything!


Extremely simple configuration, contour switches, punch and brilliance trs notes are convincing, I did not even need to use the graphic equalizer with this type of amp, the sound comes alone, the tones round to make crazy slap-bass sounds, to the Jaco Pastorius with the chorus that "holds the road well".
Bought used, I do not see what could serve as a manual (may be the crossover) as given that ^ has the rear of the amp is an amme Shma the amplification process. Not repeat the above.


Personally, I am too eclectic in my musical styles of play! So I metal group, a rock band, and I love playing the funk of jazz in small groups, or bass-beats, for all the amp is ideal, pushing gain, his desire to become fat, or with the punch and the serious substance of all the furniture my room shaking.
I play it with a precision of 70 Us, without effect, although I intend to add the marvel of Hartke.
To play rock, I recommend the punch button, which I won dcidemment, the switch will make the brightness of the funky slap, when the graphic equalizer, as it allows it to produce n ' matter what kind of sound.
Persanally, I like to push the pr gain saturation, to give her my fat (you'll understand that I am a rocker DEFINITIONS), with the severe three-quarters, treble MOITI switched on and punch one small problem with this config: my drummer asked me to lower it, "I have the lungs and heart trembling!" I put 9 / 10 as seen my little exprience, I think we must do better.


I depuismaintenant a short week, I came across this opportunity by chance, to 400, APRS test have in store, then with my bass, I jumped at the opportunity, afraid it's Discoveries by other bassists.
This combo has a EHJV incredible, I never jou with earplugs before, now, the question does not arise! I tried the 100 and the rumble Hartke A100, but I confess that the power of sin and it quickly made me forget the favorite I had on the A100.
The price quality ratio that I use is extraordinary. Produce a 100-watt amp with Fender for less than 400 silent a feat, but buy a combo of this quality for 390! It is of the fourth! I think with the exprience, I would do this choice, even if, with more in, I'd tap can be in the more upscale, I think we nammoins vafaire a little bit way together.