Roland CB-100
Roland CB-100

CB-100, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Roland in the Cube Bass series.

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lecrotale 04/18/2012

Roland CB-100 : lecrotale's user review

«  the fact that »

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Value For Money : Excellent
amp transistors modélisation.mais I think mine is 80 watts ... we do not care a bit, actually.
what is good is that the integrated compressor is not too unusable for once.


you can put footswitches to activate certain functions, and it works well with other brands that are worth a third or less of those not supplied by roland ;-)
as usual, turn a knob (well yeah, if you press it it does not work, it is rotating) to access what you want, and so if c not function right next door, well we was not a sound you want in between.
otherwise, it's great correction 'as son.j have it anymore in the ears of the original sound with his pregnant swr goliath that I had the chance to play in studio rehearsing in my youth, and I also never owned or tried 70 tube amps, but you get the sounds are supposed to model it, and like its got is nice, no need to complain.


was relatively easy access to bass sounds, if only one branch in an over.
I am all in favor of Swiss Army knives, this month is a bulky tool box


this is one of the first things I bought at tho tho, back and more customer, thus cheaper, and with a present bass strings in the two package.les have I found a very good value for money.