SWR Silverado
SWR Silverado

Silverado, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from SWR.

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Sjön 01/20/2008

SWR Silverado : Sjön's user review


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Amp with tube preamp.
It sends 220W, 350 if we add an additional cabinet.

The connector is provided as we have taken a pad 5 on the front left, are:-Effects loop input
-Effects loop output
-Tuner Output
Entry-passive / active
At the extreme left of the dashboard, an XLR line output with a small switch to dub the direct or online. At the rear a headphone jack and a plug for the additional cabinet. So in terms of connections there's no reason to complain, you can do anything.

The settings from left to right: Gain, Aural Enhancer (we will return), Bass, Mid, Mid Frequency Selection, acute, Effects Loop, Master. A Power LED, one that illuminates when the limiter is solicited, and a final which warns you that the amp is clipping (clip) and the neighbors are on the verge of nervous breakdown.

On the back of the beast we have switch On / Off, and also the switch from HP with 3 positions. Understand HP cut (for the game with headphones), only HP or HP + tweeter.

The baby was conceived with a limiter, which can disengage by pulling the knob in the effects loop (push / pull).

The Aural Enhancer is the strength of this amp as more it is pushed, the more you gain clarity by eliminating the passage frequency noise.


We live in trust with the very tough material (your back will tell you), and the front line with the knobs is clear. The equalization is sufficient, but somehow we forget in the first instance of the grind when you plug the instrument because ... ... all WOUCH flat is rich, warm, crystal. Eden in the family, EBS and other associates.

Past the stage of bliss, it is his choices on the determination of Aural Enhancer (see above), we quibble about the EQ, we choose whether or not they disconnected the tweeter, you push a little volume and c ' is gone! It is always well defined, even with a string of Si


It suits every style I think it's more a matter of taste after, but it is true that it is difficult to escape a slobbering his rock'n'roll. SWR has long been the endorser of Marcus Miller and is easy to see why. The HP 8-inch tweeter and Aural Enhancer is a marvel for slappeurs of all kinds. It's nervous, clear, slamming and superbly defined. I used it initially with a 6 string to repeat composed of metal and he followed closely the two Rectfier Mesa Single 50W.
It magnifies the sound of my Squier JB Funk and assigned to him these days is pure happiness.

Scenes for the slightly larger 15-inch dish should be exercised I think, giving a power output of 350W, but you have plenty to make the halls. I intend one day to buy a SWR Triad Cabinet, which will give me the full power of the machine with 4 to 8 hp, one 10 and one 15. All this pretty world with a tweeter, I know there will be absolutely everything, accuracy and definition.


I used to be a Laney BC50 (50W transistor), and I really fell in love with the sound, which I think will be my companion for life. That's all I expect from an amp. The only weaknesses are the weight (43kg anyway) and congestion because it is fairly square.

I bought it used there are more than six years, and the seller was either a real hurry, or idiot, because he demanded € 600. So given the qualities praised in this opinion, I think it is not useful to talk about the quality / price ratio or choice with experience. I would put all 10 because he deserves all.