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gorifik 06/02/2009

Ampeg BA-115T : gorifik's user review


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Those characteristics which motivated my choices were the HP 15-inch, ideal for playing in 4 and 5 string, or I really expected a round, something that sounds simply.


And then ... One word came to my mouth when I turned it on ... LOL! That's all I could think of the sound of this amp! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the greats of the same brand. I used this amp repeated, but I never dare to put it on stage! good, I made can be a little too much, whatever ... Used with a Yamaha 4-string, slap the lack of slamming, the E string did not rise enough in the grave ...

Positive point anyway, it still has a fairly accurate equalizer anyway. We can still tinker with a lot. And 5-way switch for a specific type of sound is when its not bad either. But even with all this, the sound is disappointing.


I used it a few months, returning quickly to my head that I hartke somewhat neglected.
What I like most is the side combo, practice. And his ability to turn a return. It sounds silly, but play Repeat ', sat with him just a side back into position, it allows much better understood if it is in normal position.
The least is its sound ...
I am currently using a Hartke head with a preamp ha2500 BlueTube home presonu, mounted with a lamp mesa boogie 12AX7, and a cabinet Hartke vx210 aileurs I'll change soon.
The report will money .... we will come back away, so it is not worth that price. But I still had paid 100 euros less a year ago.
I will not repeat that choice is clear! Save a bit much, or afford a Gallien Krueger. Even the backline series sounds a lot better