Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF
Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF

Heritage SVT-410HLF, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Heritage series.

G_o 01/04/2014

Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF : G_o's user review

«  Énormissime! »

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I was looking for THE sound rock, metal, a good run in serious but without forgetting the mids and trebles. I lonnnngtemps sought and therefore hesitated between many very good brands.

What purpose? Rock, metal, funk possibly

What amp / config: tube amp svt cl heritage, jazz bass deluxe


In terms of sounds, that is exactly what I wanted, now it all depends on what research is always the same question. With my HSVT CL, frankly it is happiness, it just purrs which must, I should say that this cab sounds more like rock, metal, but it gives the funk as well even if it can not that he be given preference if you funk. With its adjustable tweeter, mids and treble frequencies stand perfectly.

I hesitated as the 810 and 610, the weight was decisive, do not hide it, and I can already tell you that the 410 weighs a dead donkey. '. So ... And the advantage of the 410 is that it goes a little more serious than the 810 and 610, and finally by the ears, everything is debatable.


J uses this cab for 2 months

I have tried many models before fall for this one but mostly mesa with what my heart swayed. I was looking for a particular grain which meant that I opted for this mesa cab but do not have to blush, I will say that they are more versatile that ampeg for my taste.

The features I like the most is THE sound it releases, I have not tried with another head but with my config is blast! The power it can reach with my head I was still sixth on. Master and it gives so I'll say it this small trunk cab :)

It is value for money: the price is obviously ....... therefore it is the U.S.. After this is how you look at it, I prefer not to overlook the story as it lasts me a while on the one hand and on the other hand quality sound, is to go, if it is to repeat the weld in 4-5 years as the manufacturing quality was not ... it's a matter of perspective. I have not tried the Chinese or Vietnamese cab so I can not compare the sound quality.

Given the pleasure it gives me the strength and reliability of the product and of course I do it again this choice. After it is a question of scholarship also must be able to afford what is not obvious to everyone, quality at a price.