Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF
Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF

Heritage SVT-410HLF, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Heritage series.

Bassbreaker 08/24/2006

Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF : Bassbreaker's user review


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I bought it for my complter BA500, which lacked 2hp with me, some breath. I use it to play rock of the 70s ..... what motivated my purchase is that it is in 4 Ohms, and is compatible with the BA500 (which d W envelope 500 in this configuration)


As usual, Ampeg Ampeg + is a max, the sound is what I wanted, the acute hyper grve.


I use it for two weeks, weight and size are his weak points, but known for me not to take Whereas, we know what we achte. Based on my amp, I do complter by DSIR as a Ampeg cabinet. D'ac, but the price is the quality too, and again, I do spend most my time running to try other brands, it lacks tjrs ququ'chose, not here.