Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF
Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF

Heritage SVT-410HLF, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Heritage series.

chab5 05/18/2011

Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF : chab5's user review

«  The heavy weight and his! »

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4x10 "
500 watts RMS
2 Speakon
2 jacks (if used to use speaker cables, so thicker and unshielded)
Adjustable tweeter
three vents
I use it with my Ampeg SVT Classic

Use preferably a speaker cable with Speakon, which locks connection and avoid problem for the amp, especially a tube amp, if the tube amp is no longer connected to the baffle, it can not dissipate His power and Cram, and dies, and you commit suicide ...


The speaker is not neutral dutout, it accentuates the lower mids and bass.
It goes down to 28Hz! Very interesting for the 5 string player I am.

Be careful if you use an amplifier containing lamps (lamps or any hybrid) I strongly advise you to have a foam like the foam box flight between the speaker and the amp to avoid microphonics. Indeed the baffle down very well in very serious, if we put just above the amp and using lots of bass, the speaker vibrates so much that it transmits vibrations to the head and lamps, which you gives a kind of mechanical noise like a spring that vibrates is the metal part inside the lamp that vibrate is the microphonics. This phenomenon does not occur or less so with the 610 or the 810 HLF from the same brand because they descend so low in the bass.

Before this I used a 410 speaker Warwick WCA pro with my SVT classic, when I plugged the 410 HLF after selling the Warwick, I actually discovered his true Ampeg, SVT baffle sublime classic. Sounds warm and yet not so imprecise that it, slap in the cabinet that defends very well, you just love the warm, not cold slap.


it's been 8 months since I use it, I'm very satisfied, I have pushed very hard and he never flinched. Just once I make a setting to pick his hyper aggressive crammed with high mids and treble, and I was stupid to try to slap! The slapping sound generating huge spikes in the treble and more on a tube amp which generates more peaks, the HPs of the cabinet were illuminated in white at the tissue membranes. Some told me one here that these are fuses warning light signal, like, "hey my coconut easy on the crests of sound, if you want to do that buys compression to protect myself." Fright, but after having carefully checked the cabinet it has held and still works wonders, do not just not mix in acute settings with extreme slap. Just know.
The speaker is quite expensive, even if the sound is really good.
The biggest drawback of this speaker is its weight combined with high-volume, each time I go down stairs or narrow and more with, I want to sell it, but every time I play I go back not sound it sends. The sound is paid in prizes and physical effort, but it is well worth the cost, my config sends widely rounding ampeg amp transistors or other hybrids.
So that's no secret Ampeg Ampeg + = full tubes killing!