Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF
Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF

Heritage SVT-410HLF, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Heritage series.

moosers 07/28/2010

Ampeg Heritage SVT-410HLF : moosers's user review


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The Ampeg SVT-140 HLF is a popular bass guitar cabinet that is great for uses of all kinds. I've only got experience using the SVT-140 HLF in the recording studio, but there shouldn't be any difference between using this in the studio or elsewhere. This bass cabinet has four 10" bass speakers that cover the low end, and a series of high frequency drivers. It has a 1/4" speaker cable output in the back. We use this amp cabinet with a variety of different amplifiers in the studio, but it probably works best with an Ampeg amplifier.


I can't say a bad thing about the Ampeg SVT-140 HLF bass cabinet, as I really can't find any flaws to it. It sounds awesome with just about any amplifier, as I've gotten great results using it with both an Ampeg and Gallien Kruger head. Depending on the amplifier you are using, you can really get some sound out of this cabinet. It's able to take a lot and presents an accurate picture of what you're sending to it from the amp. Of course since it's just a speaker cabinet, there aren't any on board controls or anything as you'd change any sounds directly on the head.


As far as I'm concerned, the Ampeg SVT-140 HLF is pretty much the perfect bass cabinet for almost any bass head. Of course Ampeg on Ampeg is probably going to sound best, but having used this cabinet with amps from other brands, it works well with any head you want to use with it. It's got more speakers than you'll ever need and as a result is definitely heavy! Luckily, Ampeg knows this and they put a set of wheels on the bottom for easy transportation. If you're looking for a true professionals' bass cabinet, you need not look any further than the Ampeg SVT-140 HLF.