Ampeg PF-410HLF
Ampeg PF-410HLF

PF-410HLF, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Portaflex series.

V old man on the hill 08/11/2013

Ampeg PF-410HLF : V old man on the hill's user review

«  The miracle of life Industrie. »

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I remain a inconditionel of 810 Ampeg, and simply stand back to it to join the brotherhood. But according to the conditions, some people feel compelled to remind you that this cabinet is a nightmare on two wheels.
So depending on the case, the 410 often remains the last concession bassists. I bought almost heart against the baffle,'s budget, and power. The thing to serve as a "base" to my SVT VR or sometimes my three pro.


Despite the cheap side that I can not hide it any longer, this cabinet is surprisingly well down and the "wood" vibrates and resonates a harmonious manner with the frequency of the note played. I do not know by what alchemy happens. It is very far from a hp feel stuck in a box without vibration. On mine, and I do not advance me that everything goes perfectly, like some baffles 212 guitars, vintage. Ah yes, the HLF, the trunk of acute and if it breaks it will not fail me, because I do not use it.


Truce comparison with the 810, 410 of the world is something else and progressively concerts and backline available, I found myself with a bit of everything that exists and the feeling that marks amp s 'inspire, may be too in the world of sound for their designer slaps with HP smothered in your frame vibration and built like tanks often carpeted, you never know. This 410 a questionable look, and I personally am not a fan, this cabinet is built to clear the economy with a worthy Tolex protects notebook with Corners of cardboard suitcase, recessed casters (good point) of poor its quality, ergonomics limited transportation, because it is heavy. But HP work well with the "violin" of the cabinet and it is the best I could expect from a speaker whatsoever.
This is only my opinion, and this is only my cabinet and the vagaries of industrial production can no worries disrupt the delicate balance of this model, but mine is good that you want.