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seb10 12/08/2006

Behringer BA410 : seb10's user review


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I bought this mammoth for:
- Rcuperer the 350 w my Hartke head, thanks to 4 ohms. I am the HxC / metal / punk with distortion> need potato.
- For 1000 watts of power (potato)
- And of course for the price, the 300E with our German friends.


Its level is quite correct, I do not like the tweeter, but I do not like the tweeter gnral, but you can zap. there is a connection for connecting a pedal that enables / disables the tweeter, but the pedals is optional. Okay.

All silent rather not too bad, that is to say that there was potato research, for cheap, until one of the Hp explode, which I find a speaker for thundering cens cash 1000w.
So big dception but if a cheap cost as there surely reasons.
I foolishly void the warranty by trying to tamper with, many have a large cabinet that has a pet of her, not great.

In addition it is very heavy and the roulettespour dplacer its just zero, they are on the side of the baffle, not behind, and catching the cabinet by the grip must bend 2 (sore back) and the balance of the cabinet is very random image, he told me several times screed you better have a plache with 4 wheels and place it over ....


made a year and a half and I have this exprience has taught me it is better to save to buy stuff cheap and reliable.
on the other hand is a good compromise until we have the right gear for economy in esprant that do not explode in his hands.