EBS ProLine 410
EBS ProLine 410

ProLine 410, Bass Guitar Speaker from EBS in the ProLine series.

sebby low 11/19/2012

EBS ProLine 410 : sebby low's user review

«  Incredible! »

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Here is a 4x10 cabinet with tweeter'' detachable and adjustable-3dB to +3 dB.
The casing is made of 13-ply (birch I think) with two side handles, fully carpeted gray and the front is protected by a robust stainless steel stamped Tolex EBS.

Dimensions: Height = 69cm Width = 58cm, Depth = 44cm
Weight = 41 kg (the weak point of the baffle)

He collects 800 Watts into 4 Ohms and reproduces frequencies from 70 Hz to 18 KHz with a yield of 103 dB

I think HP New 10'' are but I did not confirm ...

Connections: 1 hall HP speakon and jack in / possibility of another speaker in parallel with an output again and speakon output jack.

Design and flawless execution, robust, well sized, but very heavy to lug around!


The frequency curve is what is more neutral!
Nay transparent ...
Dynamics in when she's amazing! I never heard that!

The sound is extremely dynamic and infinitely precise, simply amazing!
We recognize the sound of his bass, his personality while saying that it did just heard as well!
This cabinet is really transparent in sound, it sends sound faithfully the head and lower used.

I think this speaker can do everything as you plug anything above it will return faithfully through it. It will be perfect jazz to extreme metal.


I have recently, but I tested a very large number for a good fifteen years ... I always TecAmp M212 (also in 4 Ohm with which I think this couple 4x10) ... It will be a big killer!

I tested some 4x10 all brands and all prices before I offered this:
Artke 410XL (not terrible) and AK410 (much better), Ashdown Mag 410T (go your way, it does not projecting the sound over 1.50 meters), Gallien Kruger RBH 410 (of which I posted an opinion very moreover flattering) Markbass 104HR, Orange OBC 410 ... and a few others that I have forgotten!

What I love most is incommensurate dynamics that has output and the presence it gives! First rehearsal and everyone is WOW! The notes are accurate and sound projection in space just huge!
Its weak point, I repeat, its weight! Allow friends to help carry it. Apart from that "nothing to say"!

Personally, I had no idea of ​​someday owning such vehicle!
I never had the budget (at least nine = 1000E / used from 700E and is not much) especially since I saw one in addition to my 4x10 2x12 (which I also love) for more dynamics and a better rendering in the upper spectrum. But I saw it more in the long term.

This is really Pro gear (you can see a real difference with other speakers) of the highest quality. If the budget allows it go for it go! The price is very much justified.
Otherwise maybe you too, your friends will make a wonderful gift for your birthday! I thank them with all my heart again!