EBS ProLine 410
EBS ProLine 410

ProLine 410, Bass Guitar Speaker from EBS in the ProLine series.

crrcrr 02/06/2009

EBS ProLine 410 : crrcrr's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
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Branch on bass and FAFNIR SPECTOR NSJH5

The yield is spctaculaire


The sound that comes out of this cab is of exceptional quality. The bass is deep and the treble not screaming for a frank and powerful potato ... over the baffle can be played a very very high volume without distorting. It really is a baffle exception. Otherwise it sounds EBS and nothing will change, not even your amp head!


I use it for a little over six months now. I pass by a large number of speakers before, from the HARTKE AMPEG. What I like most is of course the sound coming out, an exceptional quality and also his impressive performance. What I like least, first weight, and secondly the lack of transport wheels that would AVRES handy. Ah! and price lev also, what to discard more than one.