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dwen-d 07/31/2014

Markbass Traveler 102P : dwen-d's user review

«  Very good stuff, lightweight and reliable. »

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Bought for its weight / power more than the sound itself ... the sound is very good but it is not one I préfèré different speakers that I could test report. After it's just a matter of taste because it works very well.

I had two traveler 102p coupled to a head-Gallien Krueger 400RB Series 3 ... enough to deal with almost any situation ... if there is need for more is that we're on a big stage and the sound system broke down lol.

Easy to carry, I liked having this column HP 10 'behind me ... very convenient to not have her in the knees and it not take place, easy to squeeze between charley drummer and keyboard that Need to 2 meters wide to install ...


It is dynamic and accurate but in the end I found the final sound pretty "low medium", not enough sub, it lacked a real big baffle 4 * 10 or 15. I always speak with respect to sound j love it ... Overall I prefer the traditional HP compared to HP "neo" but it's true that when the gear is often lug around, it is a pleasure to not too much shit coming back together to 5am ​​and still must unload the car ...


Used a short year, I went on the TC electronic with 2 * 12 (for how long I do not know ...).

The feature I liked is the minimum footprint compared to its developed. A 2 * 10 than adequate for repeated. This is good stuff, reliable.

I do not have that choice despite these qualities, I preferred 15p traveler version of the same brand: a little bigger but not heavier, and a little more "fat" like her (it's still Neodyn ... ). For the "stand alone" the 15p is more suitable I think.