Boss GT-6B
Boss GT-6B

GT-6B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the GT series.

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Dlw 11/27/2003

Boss GT-6B : Dlw's user review


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All effects in this pdalier rested, there is no lack one. Pdalier analog, digital and tube emulation. For shipping via PC, I did not see t again. The GT6B both insert into my mixer connects the sound card, with it, I have no problem to register on my computer. All connectors (audio / MIDI). This is a pdalier the ground, not to be prvu rack.


We must fiddle with the buttons for hours to really find its own sound but once it mmorise, but happiness. Everything is paramtrable ditable and, with respect to the manual, I just walked it seemed as logical as a great hacker. I exploded like a little crazy and try everything once I bauch an entire program of the correct, what a relief to hear his bass humming like never before.


The simulation is Ampeg trs flattering, it can have a big large, well this coupled with a simulation of enclosure 810 with the location of the microphone and power output (especially useful for connection mixer or sound card). The compressor does a good job, he is shot several machines known in the studio, then it's just a matter of taste. There really is not a single effect dnigrer and I always ask myself this question: "but why Doug Wimbish has not yet adopted?". I use this thing with my two basses (Ibanez Ergodyne EDA900 Charvel and 5 string) for the 1st low with his ineffective enough for me, it allows me to amplify on a good simulation of it in GT6B also a beautiful setting rverbe to get along in my little home studio. As for the Charvel, it possde long sustain but no heat and I arrange this gap with a program that is ddi. I do not charge too low, the effects that I can put cot compression are sometimes lined with a lightweight noise-gate, and a rverbration Obviously the reproduction of an amp as legendary Ampeg or with more patience, a SWR. I'm not a fan of the chorus but it is mine and not the pdalier, if the effect is down double chorus, absolutely try. Some banks with the Boss sounds books are sometimes abroad as dnomme "Flea self slap" (that is a slap in effect ddi with a rate program that comes and goes in a loop! !!!). In these banks the factory, do not change hsiter by banks against the users are many and this is very enjoyable game for a particular purpose scne and this port will be Submitted e foot.


I've had about its official release in Europe. J'apprcie his dsign, weight and versatility. Well, ok, it is red, just this little BMOL but it is still a matter of taste. I compared it with a Digitech lamp and there's no photo, my choice was made quickly trs, and the Boss handily outperforms the world of multi-effects for bass pdalier. This is a good investment because you need is just the bass and this thing (and a headphone) To create good lines and that in most discrte respondent. It may well be coupled trs also a mixer output through its direct trs flattering, but it will sound rhausser as this trend be clean but without much volume, finally, for me. This is an excellent pdalier that will find its place in all situations and it is far from becoming deprecated. It is not cheap trs seen what's in it and the quality of sound that rsulte. Strongly recommended.