Boss ME-20B
Boss ME-20B

ME-20B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the ME series.

Gib*51 10/09/2012

Boss ME-20B : Gib*51's user review

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30 user presets
Function "Bass Enhance" that boosts presence
Easy editing
Synthesizer effects, octave or "Defretter"
Supply with 6 AA batteries
Optional power supply not supplied

The ME 20 B includes all the effects a little bit want a bassist.
Effects are editable and reproducible at will. This is perfect for live with switches and expression pedal / volume.
It is positioned on the ground.
It is, I think digital.
The connection is complete without MIDI.


General configuration very easy to access and simple to use manual.
The sound editing is simple, change and modify easily the sounds that go into a proper bank and can be recalled at will.


Effects are realistic for my taste: for my part, I use clean round and punchy, sometimes a bit of reveb. and light crunch.


I operated for about two years, but last year, it helps me more than for training: It is installed on my desktop and I bump my headphone on bass.
This is perfect for me because I work in silence and I sound very nice with excellent flexibility.

Bass work alone can sometimes be boring, but if the sound in the headphones is good you can play, and that's my case for hours without fatigue or weariness.
I no longer use my ME 20 B thus because on my Ampeg SVT 610 HLF my VR and I do more than one branch tuner and a compressor: you branches, you do any setting and you play ... it's ok ..!
In any case, I do not see myself sending her with 300 W lamps in an office of 10 m2???!!
Report R / Q is excellent.
I remake that choice without problem.