Boss ME-20B
Boss ME-20B

ME-20B, Bass Multi-Effect from Boss in the ME series.

Zerothe(bass)hero 11/01/2009

Boss ME-20B : Zerothe(bass)hero's user review


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Audience: Advanced Users
<strong>1) Briefly:</strong>
Well, as there is not a lot of opinions on the stuff I post. (I rpugne provide vingtime opinion on a very trick known).

It is a multi all digital, no rack, obviously, the sounds are not ditables other than the memory of the pedal.

Connectivity: low in, 2 outputs for alimenter2 amps, headphone jack, power supply 9V 300mA, headphone jack, jack to connect a pedal to navigate SECOND patches instead of the 3 pedals contraption.

What is missing? In my opinion, a DI jack subculture on a sound system.
Otherwise, everything is.

Casing Mtal that exudes solidity.

<strong>2) Effects:
</strong> 1st section of whas and deffreteur, octave. (5)
2nd compressors, distortion and ovardrives, synths. (6)
3rd: Envelopes: rverb, flanger, chorus, delay, phaser (7)
4-band equalizer +, efficient ...
+ A pedal that makes volume or wha (nothing else) touch.
+ A switchable bass boost by an additional pedal.
+ A "noise reductor" very effective.
+ Reliable tuner.

9 For I have wanted a DI ... (never happy the guy)


The config is very very comfortable. We must spend time reading the manual (I speak for myself, not for the pros that kind of thingy)
Note about the manual, it is a bit "loose", we must navigate through the pages, was not easy easy.

However, once the trick pig this multi offers easy access to the main useful effects bassist. No need to manipulate hours accder programms to presets.

The edition of sounds, if it is not the easiest, is very Nevertheless fine. Thanks DIFFERENT delays, cool distos paramtrables as a single pedal, REALLY gives the sound you want, to the paramtrable volume. Really good.

9 for the complexity at first.


if they are few, compared to what we find in Zoom Digitech or (yuck), this little object is nevertheless a multi-effects bass player. No harmonizer pitch, sounds from outer space and other inutilits which are more of a gadget is bassistequi cheek shredder (not kidding, any).
It will essentially. I think it's perfect.

<strong>Sound quality:
</strong> is studied for the live: simplicity robustness but the sound does not lil. Certainly, there is no distortion of the EBS ValveDrive 290 euros but are distos Nevertheless convincing. Enclosures (chorus, flanger ...) are not as cold as on low onreuses pedals.

I like the overdrive + live mix that clear bass sound with the distortion signal. Essential for some formations trio, nice compressor (I do not use with OUTRs rglages)

No "plop" in effect change.

Used with Precision Squier VM (micro Duncan Designed), a Jazz team of Wilkinson pickups, a Cort Artisan C4 MightyMite active pickups.

For the price (179 in Milonga and MusicStore; 177 Thomann), a is 10.


Used for a few weeks, this multi holds the high drage the series Digitech BP (rotten!), And the series B. Zoom (B1 etc ...).
It is a compelling dot bypass that does not dnature the sound of your babasse. I had Zoom, and bt hurts with these boxes ptites of ct bypass, the fanciful and tuner Noise Reductor. The "ZNR" Zoom has always permit on my amps sounds incongruous and never convinced me. No Noise Reductor the Boss.

With this Boss, you have a low possder & a decent amp that sound identity. (Note that I did not say crazy stuff.) Unlike most multis, we do not find here amp simulation. So no Marshall or Fender Bassman Superbass the inside nor Ampeg ...

Nothing esprer if you play with Jim Harley on a Stagg amp. (That said, I'm not a snob of zik and playing in bars and feasts of the zik, a Squier or Yam, a Cort, it works ...)

In short, this stuff is 10. I forgive him no DI because it has a good pedal while Mtal which is assignable to the volume or wah effect very very easily.

You could buy it. And do not make me ch *** with individual pedals, made bzzzzzzzzzzz from 2 requires a noise suppressor of a quality tuner, quality of power supply with lots of little son or p dal onreux board, on stage, when a jack makes me for ages ... which we'll pick

Honestly, we do not hear the difference with individual pedals Boss on stage ...