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Arnaud_B 06/06/2006

DigiTech BNX3 : Arnaud_B's user review


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- Effects classical Disto, Envelope Filter, Chorus, Delay, Compressor, Noise Gate, Whammy, Fretless ... + Other effects "irrelevant"
- It's digital for most effects, the choice between different brands or types
- You can set many parameters for both the effects for amp simulation
- 8-track digital recorder, drum, pedal configurable, ability to mix amps, etc ... Briefly, what fun


- Once the bug handling, it's easy and you can tweak to find sounds very good. However, it takes hours and hours to run 100% the potential of this machine as there are many possibilities
- Editing and sound effect is easy to understand but it's pretty hard to get exactly what you want
- The manual is clear, and we learn fairly well with the tutorial. It should contain some English


- The effects are effective, but some are difficult to configure. However, the compressor is very bad: an intermediate frequency is adjusted, adjusting the level LF and HF. Difficult to do something good with the compressor
- I use it with an Ibanez EDB 605, and the marriage between the two is good enough
- I love the Envelope Filter, Chorus. The distos are not too suitable for low: alone, that's fine, but when there is the guitar over it, it tends to drown the distortion pedal. Otherwise, effects are good numbers of the gadget, it's funny but useless as a group (or only playing Bjork)


- I've been a little over a year and the least we can say is that it is the sacred machine
- I especially like the digital recorder handy to record plans and the drum machine. The effects are satisfactory, but we need to prepare and save the banks. To adjust for a concert, good luck!
- No 36 multi effects for bass at this level: BNX3, GT6B and Bass POD XT. It is useless to try to judge the quality of a pedal, you must spend hours and hours. I relied on the opinion Guitar Plug and Digitech ultra-low prices have played a lot at Thomann
- At the price I bought it or the price / quality ratio is unbeatable
- However, I'd rather have pedals simple, more convenient to deal live. But if I had to reselect a multi purpose, it would BNX3 without hesitation.