Rotosound Billy Sheehan
Rotosound Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan, Bass String from Rotosound.

Joe-Rhys 03/30/2013

Rotosound Billy Sheehan : Joe-Rhys's user review

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I received this week and have mounted directly on my musicman stingray 4 string style with a musicman stingray kind bartolini in handle and a seymour duncan SMB4D acutely.
I have purchased in the past because I like their Rotosound his "vintage".
this game differs slightly swing bass I also mounted on the same four chords and there are highs and character of micro spring well.
This differs from basic swing bass is that the strings hang much less fingers (this is also an advantage for those finally those who sweat a lot or fingers when playing, the strings do not slip!)
and as the tie is very personal (43 for the G string, 65 string D, 80 A rope and 110 for the E string!), adds some interest here ...
it is undeniable that having weaker treble strings pulling the strings bender can easily 1 tone, after which you can also do it on standard rods ... but there it is easier and here invites a game easier and more "mastered".
the character of these strings added more and it seems a more accurate and more respectful of microphones.
I bought in the past many different sets of strings, check out my review on my profile!
what I love most; ropes hanging swing unless the basic bass, the sound is clear and highlights the character of microphones, pulling lighter treble strings allows easier bends, all these elements combine to make I had more ease and comfort of playing and the sound is more manageable and allows many possible variations.
what I like least, ropes hang at least fingers and fingers billy are not sold with the strings (ah ha!)
I like the sound of these strings and I think the price is good.