Rotosound Billy Sheehan
Rotosound Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan, Bass String from Rotosound.

SweBass 12/20/2007

Rotosound Billy Sheehan : SweBass's user review


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I just put these strings on my Yamaha RBX 374.
my 1 year old had strings, and the rope had to drop half, I decided to buy a new set of string.
Already, the color is nice, it is less bright than ordinary strings, I'd say they have a blue cast ... (Very lege)
Once mounted, I cheeks without the amp. it smells like new! but it sounds like a coffee can.
once on the amp, Wow!
We gain a lot in attack!
When the lower supports, we get more punch and grain! I thought I was on a Musicman: D
When acute favors, you feel a lil noise rope frieze. we like it or not, I like it, well it's a metal!
At the mediator, either low or high mean these pTis Frizot, and that is happiness!
Looking back, these strings with the mediator, one approaches a really big Rickenbacker!
Here is the exact sound that I am this sort:
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Tip: if you keep vouslez logtemps a good sound of your strings, always wash your hands before you play!