Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr 250K
Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr 250K

6180 VP Jr 250K, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Ernie Ball.

Skjold 08/01/2012

Ernie Ball 6180 VP Jr 250K : Skjold's user review

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This is a volume pedal. Plain and simple. You don't need editing options, digital conversions, thoughts whether it's best with a tube or a transistor. This is pure analog. You get a 1/4" inputs, output and tuner jack. It says 'Tuner Out' on the pedal, but it is in fact just a parallel signal, so you could actually use this, as a passive split, should you feel the need for that.


I bought this pedal as an expression pedal to run along my G-system. The space at my began to be a bit crowded with all the 6166 volume pedals (the big brother to the 6180 VP Jr. hence the name), so I went for this instead.
You do get a Jr. pedal, that's for sure. I don't mind at all, but if you got a big foot, like a size 11 or 12, you might get into trouble with this one.
When using it as an expression pedal with the G-system, you have to take into account, that you'll miss the last few percent of range. You won't be able to hear it though, as the G-system adapts to the range, and still provide you with 100% range.


As I wrote in my review of the 6166 :"This is were you might find some issues. I've not experienced it myself, even though I'm a huge sucker for tone, but some people complain about the fact, that this pedal takes away some of your treble signal, when pulled slightly back. Some have also complained about the parallel output (tuner) to suck away some tonal quality to the main signal. I haven't experienced that myself neither. It might all just come down to a matter of buffers in the setup (and partially also some psychological factors)." And that is also true with this one. I've used it a single time as a volume pedal, and didn't notice any of the issues mentioned.


If you don't need the big 6166 pedal, go for this one instead. It's completely like the 6166, but just smaller. You have the same sturdiness and unbreakable construction. Your wallet won't be ripped as much either, so you can't go wrong. Possible repairs on this one, are identical to the 6166.