Ernie Ball 6181 VP Jr 25K
Ernie Ball 6181 VP Jr 25K

6181 VP Jr 25K, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Ernie Ball.

fredian 09/02/2006

Ernie Ball 6181 VP Jr 25K : fredian's user review


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Mono volume pedals, 250k version for passive pickups with respect mine
1 input, 1 output, an external input.
1 mini switch (really mini, I almost never find it) to the sensitivity rgler Action pedals.
simple construction and efficient, to the point, again, the pedals DGIG an impression of solidity and reliability.


Simple use, just to play on the pedals, much like a wah, To determine the volume. on the other hand, depending on the mode (switch), DIFFERENT trs is your exact: in one case with switches on the bottom pedals, volume fairly low (by trying it, I asked if there was not a problem), just barely lift it to no longer hear anything! in the other case, the action is much finer, sensitive and effective: triggers background is the sound barrier, power to the max! to hear nothing, you have to meet up. any change in the slope of the pedals of a sudden a big impact on the volume gnral, we must master the movements of the ankle, if not, the cata!


Nothing said is nickel, the pedals n'altre not the original sound, no breath or unwanted noise ... trs clean and efficient!


I use it for 2 months and really c'tait PDAL I needed, since, according to the effect that I use, my sound is about sudden changes in noise levels. since I PDAL this, no more problem, I initiates background for parts of bottleneck (which is not apparent enough before), while the big riffs or arpges, I must decrease a little volume. It also gives me the possibility using the same, to bring out my solos and subtly decrease the volume when I r-attack on a rhythm part. short, simple stuff, efficient, reliable, robust ... as positive. Just be careful to master the movements of the ankle because the effect is super sensitive. I think also one of two modes useless insofar attnue was far too sound at the slightest movement of tilt.