Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Nano
Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Nano

BassBalls Nano, Bass Wah-Wah/Auto Wah-Wah/Filter from Electro-Harmonix in the BassBalls series.

Grenouillère 03/04/2008

Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Nano : Grenouillère's user review


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So ... Bass effect (although on a guitar I ask to try!) Whose purpose is to effect a "funky" your game .. That's basically the equation rsoudre for pe ... So a level knob for effect "call response" and two switches: one to activate the distortion and the other to activate ... the pedals! A to slide between your CHRE and tender ... Low and one output connector (amp, pramp ...). In short: config simple, effective (why 10,000 buttons for effect?), And especially allows to do without notice.


IDEAL! The switch pedals rpond well (albeit a bit noisy!). Well the switch is the bttn (the equivalent of a little switch in EBS): basically you can go as a nag, there's little chance that a coward! While the "pro" Boss say that made noise ... But good for playing the Red Hot funk, I doubt the amp is 1! Otherwise the rest works well. A transformer, two fingers (to turn the wheel) and presto! CA plays!


Ben fully satisfied with the bte! The sound is the well-Submitted ... While it is not very versatile. However, I must reconnatre qu'tant fan of the "sweetness" EBS (ie an effect that is quiet but well Submitted ...) I am surprised enjoyable! On the one hand rglage is effective, but also (in the case of a passive jazz bass) can be played on qualisation modliser microphone sound yet ... So the effect is the but you can choose exactly what you want ...

While hacking is a good little beginners! Add to the distortion and you have a palette of his rather impressive: a very funky wah-fuzz groove a EMDU the red hot ... In short what fun! Good for lazy sound, it is those who want beautiful effects rgls well with diodes across ... Well, it's the opposite! Basically, we grope around with the rglages but once we have understood, the foot!


I was looking for a personal pedals that allows me to "have fun" on a lot of songs but without having an effect too dnature the sound of the bass and especially without investing 300 euros. Done!

So if you are looking for a nice pedals tend trs "funky" but with tons of ways: dark!

I put the 10/10 pedals. On the one hand for the original sound, the other for all the (quality of manufacture, simplicity of use ...). All the pedals inconvnients, l. .. I see it!