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Thread reverb stops after 1o minutes..

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1 reverb stops after 1o minutes..
using a eurorack ub1204fx-pro for over six years with zero problems on a weekly internet radio show..until about a month ago...then i noticed the reverb would stop working after about ten minutes on my mic channel...in fact none of the efx would work on any channel. cut the mixer off..back on..reverb is back and works again for ten minutes..then stops..the audio quality is fine..no ther problems..mic sounds as it should..just no reverb....or any other efx after ten minutes...I'm guessing it's a problem in the efx section of the mixer..and most likely would cost more to fix than buting another mixer..anyone had this problem >>>thanks...cl
Hey Chuck,

It's strange that it works for 10 minutes then stops, as opposed to not working at all...

I highly doubt it's still under warranty. All I can recommend is double-checking all of your cables and connections and making sure no changes have been made relative to the User Manual.

However, my hunch tells me it may be time to take it to a shop or contact Behringer support directly.

Either that or keep your radio show under 10 minutes :)

Good luck,
A ten minute show ?? but what would I do with all that leftover beer ??? lol thanks for the reply..my guess it would cost more to ship it, have it repaired, and sent back than i could find another one for..it's been rock solid since i got it for free i might add...so i got my use out of it..and it still works fine for all my other audio projects...just got used to hearing the reverb in my phones when i talk..the audience doesn't seem to mind or care...so i'll use it til i find a deal on a used one..thanks again...cl
Just a quick update..checking out all the buttons around the efx section..I would push one..and then try another..when all of a sudden the reverb was back..I had never pushed any of these before to my knowledge..I use one channel for a mic for the internet radio show I do..two others for sending a reel to reel and a cassette deck to the pc for editing..so have no idea why that button may have been pushed in...and even then..why it would mute the reverb after ten minutes...curious..so as of this morning..the reverb is still working fine...which kills the deal I found on a nice used Mackie for 100.00..lol
Haha glad to hear it! Sometimes in the audio world, as a last resort, it makes sense to just bang away at all the buttons like bam bam from the flinstones and hope for the best :lol: