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Thread Xenyx X2442 newbie questions

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Topic Xenyx X2442 newbie questions
Well, it's obvious that I'm a newbie at this... but can I ask the people who knows the interface how I can record and listen to the song at the same time?

I mean, for me to able to record the Button 2-TR/USB TO MAIN (right above the Phones/CTRL room knob) has to be released. And for me to be able to hear what I just recorded, I need to press that button. Any tips how I could record and listen to both? I am using Cubase LE 6 if FYI if ever it's on the program too

Also, I connect the Headphones on the PHONES section right, with two panel choices A and B? Questions is how do I actually use them? I mean I don't hear my recording nor play the recording. Any helps on this?