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Thread Does super-cheap = super-useless?

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1 Does super-cheap = super-useless?
I noticed that Behringer dishes out $25 pedals when most other big brands charge an average of $100-$300, what gives? Are the other brands really that much better? Do Behringer pedals suck that bad or fall apart in 2 days or sound like shit?

Does anyone have any links or examples, or can speak from experience?

Tryin to save money, thanks :lol:
They pretty much bought a town in China so they're able to make pedals for ultra-cheap compared to other competitors, but in general their pedals still aren't great.

The ADA8200 isn't bad, but if you're willing to shell out a bit more money on a pedal, get the new Zoom effects pedals. Several of them are below $100 but sound brilliant in comparison
They steal designs from other popular gear, lowering costs and defects since they're copying and not developing. Cheap parts and labor in china help as well.

Most of it admittedly sounds horrible, but there are some gems. I personally like the midi foot pedals and midi controllers as well as the headphone amps.

I wouldn't use mixers live but they're not bad for a rehearsal. Their 25 buck pedals are simply horrible. But sometimes they're so horrible that they work a la White Stripes and other similar bands who go for a super scratchy, dirty, raw sound. Anyway if you're on a tight budget, behringer's usually the first stop