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Behringer Ultrabass user reviews

  • Behringer Ultrabass BVT4500H

    Behringer Ultrabass BVT4500H - Grenouillère's review


    Sufficient power!? 450 w Well I think it is enough to explain? Let's say for an idea ... The gain to 5, the volume is at a maximum at home and 2/10 by repeating! And with one cabinet at 8 ohms! So with two 8 ohm speakers in you get a weapon of de…

  • Behringer BA115

    Behringer BA115 - " Very good 15"


    1-DATA -What characteristics have motivated your choice? I find a good stack and not too expensive but I came across it with suspicion because the echoes of this brand were not very good (wrong). -For what purpose? Initially home alone and…

  • Behringer Ultrabass Pro EX1200

    Behringer Ultrabass Pro EX1200 - " Fantastic!"


    It adds the bass by adding harmonics can give sub.On dynamics at this low, or the closer. What makes it closer or further profonde.Le everything is mixable with the signal (the module) with no added low. UTILIZATION Very easy to use. Few buttons …

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX600

    Behringer Ultrabass BX600 - Zlhanh's review


    Everything has been said. is complete and AC asser remains simple. For 60w is very very powerful. And extremely solid and more. UTILIZATION yes (see above and below) SOUNDS Very versatile, the four bands allow many things combine to shape …

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H

    Behringer Ultrabass BX4500H - " Berhinger 4500h bx"


    Good morning. everyone has already said précédamment forestay. UTILIZATION because all have already said précédamment forestay. SOUNDS because all have already said précédamment forestay. OVERALL OPINION in 5 rows because all has alread…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BVT4500H

    Behringer Ultrabass BVT4500H - " good product for the price"


    amplifying transistors jack connectors, speakon power of 450 watts into 4 ohms (300 instead but this is enough) USE config simple, no need manual you can go heavy on Mtal without any problems in rpet, half volume and it rolls SONORIT…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BXL450A

    Behringer Ultrabass BXL450A - lolomicro42's review


    an amplification transistor, a connection of the easiest, jack, CD in, it does well there is a 45w disto, a good equalizer UTILIZATION configuration? ben super simple, I did not have to look at the manual, the sound is too small for bleuffant amp…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T

    Behringer Ultrabass BX3000T - " Attention!"


    see above UTILIZATION see above SOUNDS Then, I used full time for 2 years the sound is not great and difficult to control if it only has a baffle 8Ohms This amp takes any size AC with 2 speakers of 4ohms or 1 8Ohms but it is very important…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BXR1800H

    Behringer Ultrabass BXR1800H - " Good and Cheap"


    Already having already seen UTILIZATION SOUNDS Nothing to report OVERALL OPINION Used for two years on house speaker HP 15 HH, it works very well correct settings very good compresseur.Le fan is a bit noisy at rest, in my opinion its only…

  • Behringer Ultrabass BX4210A

    Behringer Ultrabass BX4210A - " Very satisfactory"


    ULTRABASS BX4210A (manufacturer's specifications) - 450-Watt bass amp (provided you add an additional speaker BA 115, in my case) woofers with 2 original BUGERA 10''Aluminum Cone engine and 1 "horn - Powerful 450-Watt bass amp with front-ported ca…