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paradies paradies

«  Consome divorce ... »

Publié le 11/18/12 à 10:07
J I bought this magazine steadily in the 90s, it was my favorite companion reading to the beach ...

I laminated some sound magazines before that, and found myself with the complete "home studio" when this song appeared.

The time to j liked having a specialized magazine for keyboards, and Mao's point of view "keyboard." Indeed, in the newsagents there drummer magazine, magazines for bassists, guitarists, but nothing for the keyboard ...

Merging home studio and keyboards has been catastrophic.

It's not that he does not remain some interesting items, but it feels a frenzy to reach all audiences with for example, which are of interest Mondomix little readers, I think, because there are other sources of information about it. The articles with home studios or large studios readers pros are a little "promo for the guys" and we do not learn much, apart from that this decidedly ssl is really too expensive considering the market conditions of the current disc ...

Anyway, I have stopped the purchase, having enough to find only a few pages about me.

A magazine for modern keyboards in my opinion should cover the following areas:
- Material stage and studio keyboard
- Material recording techniques and computer music
- Playing technique of arrangement of components or reading gate
- Technique of creating such analog synth sound
- Interview keyboards and pro builders.

Everything that relates to dj, guitarist etc. in my opinion is a little off topic. There are magazines for it.

finally some continue to do so as "keyboard mag" ...

The niche is too narrow in France? the keyboard in this country suffers a reputation as a classical pianist and quite distressing symptom of a lack of knowledge of music and a rather questionable taste, that are found by chance in most productions "majors" French .. .

A magazine which deserves to specialize in one area before it disappears completely that. The beautiful adventure with arturia Minibrute could be an opportunity for a homecoming but no ....
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