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solo84 07/29/2010

Keyboards Recording Magazine : solo84's user review

«  Sweet-fall for several years ... Will they react? »

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Mag a very uneven, in my sweet-fall for years, in terms of content.

His ancestor the years 80-90, Keyboards, was an expert on keyboards and the south in general. The tone was almost that of a fanzine community and it was a mine of information.

The current KR was born from the merger of Recording, excellent magazine on the home studio, whose quality was recognized by all editorial, Keyboards and had become, according to me, a kind of magazine to large audiences, such as "soft consensus "clutter with flashy taglines on the cover.

The current magazine is unfortunately more than Keyboards Recording! While some topics are very interesting (reports on the studios, topics of Dr. C, line hardware vintage, some monthly records ...) this magazine gives me the impression ESPECIALLY avoid going out of consensus! The flying test beds more subjects, sometimes showing little more than a long paraphrase of the data sheet. They always end on a positive note, and no product is ever "failed" (though there are occasionally!)

Wrongly or rightly, I do not feel really confident that I felt towards the opinion given by the magazine, and I have several times been a bit taken aback by the tone of benevolent SOME testbeds, where j ' I found the marketing unproven arguments yet remains unchanged in the editorial.

My general opinion is that this magazine through a "little extra push" for 2 or 3 years, and I really hope he will find the way of editorial courage in order to, among other things, to play its role as sentinel consumer service multinationals in the jungle!

This is only my opinion!