G7th 6 String Guitar Performance Capo
G7th 6 String Guitar Performance Capo

6 String Guitar Performance Capo, Capo from G7th in the Performance series.

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phraseland 12/05/2008

G7th 6 String Guitar Performance Capo : phraseland's user review


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Working at a guitar store I received this gem of a capo when it was released into the market - that was around 2005. It is rather heavy and the brushed surface gives it a very elegant and expensive feel. There is nothing loose on this capo and the construction is elegant and simple at the same time. I have been using a Dunlop Capo (with a spring) and a Shubb Capo (you adjust the thickness of the neck and then clamp it). Both have done their job very well and will not be obsolete in the market - mainly because they cost half of what the G7th does.

On the other hand if you really need to use a capo a lot and intend to use one on electric guitars you should really take a look at this thing. There is a relief switch on the capo that allows you to loosen it. All you have to do is to place the capo in the right position and then press from the back to tighten it. The hand will give it just enough pressure and the capo will not be forced to move sideways. It really is one of the only capos that can be attached and removed quickly while still ensuring a good intonation.

These things are built like tanks and probably will be lost before they ever break. The weight might be a bit too much for some players but I have not felt like it really took away the balance on my instrument.

If I lost it I would buy a new one immediatly!