Shubb S1
Shubb S1

S1, Capo from Shubb in the Deluxe series.

moosers 10/28/2011

Shubb S1 : moosers's user review


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The Shubbs Deluxe Capo is an enhanced version of the standard capo, both of which have become a favorite of guitar players worldwide. I must admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of these style capos at first, but I've since come around and now really like them as they stay in place without any question of if it's holding down your strings properly. I don't know what all the differences are between the Deluxe and standard Shubbs capo, but the Deluxe is definitely sturdier and better built to last. All of the Shubbs capos use a unique mechanism that twists on in place to hold your strings down. The Deluxe just seems to be built with better materials and is extremely stable. It also has a slightly different design that just seems smoother overall. The price isn't too much more, so if you're already a fan of Shubb's capos, you're probably going to want to make the switch to the Deluxe version because it really is a better capo. I still use a Kaiser capo at home, but I'm seriously considering making the switch to the Shubb Deluxe Capo because it works great and better than the original version. The reason that I didn't like using the Shubbs capos at first was because of the tighten on system, but I'm realizing that it just may be worth the extra minute to tighten it up with this to ensure fully that your strings are held down properly. I don't come into the problem a lot, but with my Kaiser I do find that it can sometimes bend it out of tune, although this is a capo problem in general. In the end I'd recommend trying the Kaiser and Shubbs capos to see what works for you, but it's going to be tough to go wrong with the Deluxe Shubbs version.